Thursday, April 6, 2017

National Movement Partners and PetSmart Charities highlight the life-saving bond between people and pets

The Humane Society Silicon Valley has created a national animal-human welfare movement called “Mutual Rescue,” challenging humans to reimagine how our lives can be transformed when we adopt a homeless pet, while also stepping up efforts to increase adoptions from local animal shelters.
Their first film, “Eric & Peety,” launched in February 2016 has now been viewed more than 85 million times.

Partnering with PetSmart Charities, the group set out to expand the film series with four films to be released in 2017.

“Kylie & Liza” launched in February and the next release, “Tracy & Jack” arrived this week.

Judges for future “Mutual Rescue” film consideration include influencers such as Bolt and Keel, Rescue Pets of Instagram and Nala Cat.

Submissions for new “Mutual Rescue’ stories are being accepted to June 30t at


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