Friday, August 19, 2016

Loose stools, tips to firm them up from Marc Ching

Let’s face it- poop happens.

But when your pet has loose stool it calls for action. 

Marc Ching, 4th generation animal nutritionist and herbalist and owner of “The PetStaurant” in Los Angeles. Marc says the first thing in trying to fix looseness of stools, is to identify the problem. Many and most times, the food or treats you are feeding them is the cause. 

Regardless of the reason, here are ten tips to try to firm of stool.

--Add boiled lentils. Why they’re great? Because they’re cheap, and they work to firm up stool very fast. One up side, if your dog has allergies, this shouldn’t make them worse.

--Pure Aloe Vera Capsules. Why this works? Because it helps soothe the stomach lining. We recommend mixing this into the feed and feeding in conjunction with the boiled lentils

--Psylium Husk. This is a great supplement to add for those whom have dogs and cats with mucus in their stools or looseness. The husk, while not digestible, keeps stools formed and intact.

--Slippery Elm- Great for dogs and cats with IBD. Slippery elm reduces gastro intestinal inflammation.
--Pectin. This supplement can be found at your health food store, and can be mixed into food in conjunction with slippery elm, or by itself. Pectin helps form stools and keep them nice and compact.

--Papain. Papain is a plant based enzyme from the Papaya, it aids in digestion and helps greatly in regards to dogs and cats suffering from bowel and intestinal problems.

--Quinoa- More of a seed than a grain, quinoa is a good component to add to both dry and wet food to help firm up stools. Not starchy like rice or pumpkin, we find quinoa to be healthier and more tolerant for animals than rice and pumpkin.

--Veggies. Adding steamed green veggies to your dog’s diet can help firm stool up greatly. The extra fiber in things like Kale and Green Beans can help form stools and reduce GI irritation.

--Diarrhea? Try this… Boiled lentils. Mix with cottage cheese. 1/2 aloe vera capsule per 20 lbs in weight of animal.Psylium Husk. Firms stool in almost 24 hours. And sometimes you just need to find a better or different food. Marc recommends minimally processed foods, and grain free options that are moderate in their protein levels. Try staying away from red meats as they can be inflammation causing.

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