Saturday, August 13, 2016

Aug. 15 is ‘Check the Chip Day’

Mon., Aug. 15 is “Check the Chip Day” and AKC Reunite – the American Kennel Club’s pet recovery service –has helped bring more than 475,000 pets home because of their microchip.

A microchip can mean the difference between reuniting with your lost or stolen pet and never seeing them again. Startlingly enough, only 58% of pets’ microchips are linked to the correct owner information.

The most common reasons that microchip information is not up to date are:

--Pets change ownership, often among family members and the enrollment/owner information is not transferred.

--People move and forget to update their pet’s microchip information.

--People have dropped their home phones – relying solely on mobile phone numbers and don’t notify the recovery service about the change.

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