Sunday, August 21, 2016

5 tips for successful road-tripping with your dog this summer

Don’t leave on a road trip with you pooch this summer without being prepared.

Check out these five need-to-know tips from Mars Petcare before you grab your favorite playlist and hit cruise:

--Water = Wags: To keep your furry friend feeling relaxed and satisfied, make sure to pack a travel bowl for a drink of water every now and then.

--Feel-Good Familiar Favorites: Ensure that your pet stays calm and comfortable by grabbing their favorite blanket and crate for that home away from home feeling.

--Doggy Bags for Later: Not only humans get travel anxiety! Prevent car-sickness by starting off the road-trip on an empty stomach. Just don’t forget their food for later!

--Make time for Breaks: Get the family out of the car for energetic pit stops. This will give your dog the chance to release some energy and avoid accidents in the car, while breaking up the trip into manageable segments.

--Cleaner Gets You Closer: Don’t let bad doggy breath put a damper on your drive. Pack Pedigree Dentastix to help your pup have fresh breath, clean teeth and healthy gums.

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