Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The best meats to feed your dog

Cooking for your pet is easier than you think.

The first step is choosing a meat source says Marc Ching.

Ching is owner of the PetStaurant in Los Angeles and a fourth generation herbalist and nutritionist.
He tries to help people keep cooking economical, so he recommends cheaper cuts of meats. 

“Remember, if you were feeding dog food, regardless of what brand, it is dog food. So if you are preparing your own meals using foods that you get from a grocery store, the quality is already 1000 percent better and healthier than the foods used in any type of commercial product,” Ching says.

Good meats to choose from include:

--Turkey Breast (lean ground is okay too).

--Chicken Breast (if you are concerned about a chicken allergy then do not use).

--Beef chuck roast or other similar cuts of meat (if using ground beef we suggest using 85/15 or better).

--Whitefish – this is the best and most nonreactive meat source you can use. Some dogs hate fish, fyi.

--Bison / Pheasant / Vension – hard to find, but excellent choices as well.


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