Saturday, June 11, 2016

ProTrainings’ new online pet first aid course launches during pet appreciation week

This week is an opportunity for pet owners to celebrate how much their pets mean to them, whether taking their dog for an extra walk or baking a special homemade treat. But what better way show appreciation than to learn how to save Benji’s life.

A new and educational online course is now available to help bridge the gap between dog and cat lovers and their veterinarians. 

The course, produced by ProTrainings, covers a variety of topics that could be critical for pet owners, pet sitters, dog walkers, groomers and trainers. 

Subjects in the course include dog cpr, preparing a first aid kit, pet poisonings, lethargy, vomiting and diarrhea, itching and scratching, understanding vital signs and how to measure them and dozens of others.
The course trains viewers to notice abnormalities and to detect early health warning signs in large and small dogs and cats. Viewers will learn the proper steps to take and be shown essential preventative care and potential life-saving techniques that are so important when immediate action is necessary.

The course, titled “Pro Pet Hero,” gives viewers a front row seat to a course taught by Dr. Bobbi Conner.
Conner is a licensed Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and professor of Veterinary Medicine and Critical Care at the University of Florida. She is American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care  Board certified and is passionate about keeping pets healthy. 

The full list of subjects included in the video series is available at

Registrants may sign up for and complete the course at the website.

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