Wednesday, June 8, 2016 looking for pet calendar entries announces its 2017 “Walkin’ Wheels” calendar contest. The online pet product company opens the contest to all pets who get around with the help of a Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair. The contest is open for submissions now through Sun., July 31; there is no entry fee.

Submissions must only include animals in the photo, and at least one animal must be using a Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair. Multiple submissions are allowed.

Selected submissions will be posted for public voting on the Facebook page during the month of August.

Winners will be chosen based on how many “likes” their photos receive on the Facebook, with a final vote taken by staff to determine which photos will be included in the 2017 calendar.
The calendar contest winners will be contacted in early September. 

A video request for calendar entries, which includes photos of last year’s winners, may be found here:

Pet owners can submit photos and contact information online at:

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