Monday, May 2, 2016

Strike a Pose for Elephants: WCS Launches #ElephantYogaChallenge

Want to use your yoga practice to save elephants? Wildlife Conversation Society’s 96 Elephants campaign – so named for the number of African elephants killed every day by poachers – is launching the #ElephantYogaChallenge, a social media campaign to raise awareness and funds through yoga.

WCS is urging members of the public – whether yoga experts or beginners – to strike their best elephant yoga pose in honor of the 96 elephants killed every day for their ivory. The “elephant’s trunk pose” or Eka Hasta Bhujasana, is considered difficult, but other, easier variations are featured on #ElephantYogaChallenge’s website:

Said John Calvelli, WCS Executive Vice President for Public Affairs and Director of the 96 Elephants campaign: “Ninety-six elephants are killed each day in Africa to feed the global ivory trade. We cannot be the generation that allows them to disappear completely. We are very excited to team up with the yoga community, which has shown a great appreciation for the holistic connection between human well-being and the natural world.”

International celebrated yoga teacher Seane Corn – a 96 Elephants supporter – has joined the challenge and has posted a video on how to do the pose and for others to join.

Said Seane Corn: “There is a great injustice happening to elephants in Africa. Every day, nearly 100 of these magnificent animals are killed to meet the global demand for their ivory. I find it impossible to sit idly by while this happens. I am compelled to speak up and take action, and what better way to do that than through my yoga practice? The #ElephantYogaChallenge is an opportunity for us all to make an impact.”

Here’s how the challenge works: Shape your body into an elephant pose (or an elephant-themed pose of your making) and record it.

Share the image on social media using #ElephantYogaChallenge and tag three friends to challenge them also.

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