Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Bark & Co, company behind BarkBox, to launch ' pup up' shop in NYC

Bark & Co, the company behind “BarkBox,” will open  “BarkShop Live,” a week-long experiment of a new retail experience where dogs do the shopping themselves, June 6-12 in Manhattan.

“BarkShop Live” is designed for dogs, allowing them to play with unwrapped toys in an open, specially curated space that’s absent of shelves and packaged toys found at traditional pet stores. 

As each dog plays, a high tech vest talks with RFID tags in all the toys and a mobile app on the smartphone of the dog’s person, allowing the human to see what their dog likes, dislikes, and LOVES. The app shares a recap of playtime, and allows the human to simply tap and buy their dog’s favorite item, which will be shipped directly to their home.

Here’s how BarkShop Live works:

--Humans buy a ticket & schedule a pawsonal shopping appointment for their dog: Every cent of their ticket’s price can be applied to products their dog loves inside BarkShop Live.

--Dogs show up with their humans, get set up, and PLAY!

--BarkShop technology pays attention while dogs play, and figure out which toys are their favorites.

--Humans choose any of their dog’s favorite toys, and BarkShop delivers them straight to their door in a jiffy. Because dogs can’t carry shopping bags. 

“BarkShop Live” will offer dogs full access to some of Bark & Co’s most popular toys, which were designed in-house based on years of data gathered from shipping 25 million products from www.BarkShop.com and BarkBox to dogs everywhere.

BarkShop Live began accepting appointments today at www.livetickets.barkshop.com.

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