Friday, April 22, 2016

Milk-Bone’s second-annual list of “Dogs Who Changed the World”

For a second year, Milk-Bone conducts a nationwide search for amazing canines that have made an extraordinary impact on the lives of individuals they love and the communities that need them. 

These 10 super pups — including one from Hasbrouck Heights — are leading the pack in making a powerful difference in the world -- and proving that heroes come in all breeds and sizes. 

Along with the prestigious title, these 10 pups have been awarded a year’s supply of Milk-Bone.

Milk-Bone’s 2016 ‘Dogs Who Changed The World’

1.Abby -- [Border Collie/Australian Shepherd] (Hartland, Wisc.): Abby saved her family from carbon monoxide poisoning. (Pet Parent: Nicole Siekert)

2. Klinker -- [Golden Retriever] (Williamsport, Md.): Klinker is saving the U.S. honeybee population by inspecting bees for deadly bacteria. (Pet Parent: Bill Troup)

3. Wrangler -- Bassett Hound] (Albion, Penn.): Wrangler saved his family from a house fire. (Pet Parent: Jennifer Stoneman)

4. Bretagne -- [Golden Retriever] (Cypress, Texas): Bretagne is the last known living search and rescue dog that responded to the World Trade Center after the 9/11 attacks. In her retirement, she helps children learn to read aloud. (Pet Parent: Denise Corliss)

5. Tillie -- [Irish Setter/Spaniel] (Vashon Island, Wash.): When her best dog pal was trapped in a cistern, Tillie watched over her for more than week, leaving her side only to go search for help. (Pet Parent: B.J. Duft)

6. Liberty -- [Golden Retriever/ Lab] (Hasbrouck Height): Liberty is a service and therapy dog that makes regular visits to hospitals, schools and community events to spread awareness about the Canine Assistants program. (Pet Parent: Tom Meli).

7. Rolex -- [Golden Retriever] (Duluth, Ga.): A graduate of the Canine Assistants program, Rolex has helped his partner significantly reduced the frequency of her seizures and helps her maintain a job at a local school. (Pet Parent: Rosalie Brown)

8. Chopstick -- [Golden Retriever/ Lab] (Pottsville, Penn): Chopstick, a graduate of the Canine Assistants program, is a calming presence and important helper to his partner, who has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. (Pet Parent: Colin Studlack)

9. Smith -- [Golden Retriever] (Lakewood, Calif.): A graduate of the Canine Assistants program and safety-response dog, Smith helps his partner when she experiences seizures. (Pet Paren: Rachel Guske)

10. Emmy -- [Golden Doodle] (Hershey, Penn): A graduate of the Canine Assistants program, Emmy can predict seizures and alert her family when her partner is injured. (Pet Parent: Diana Hoffman)

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