Saturday, March 19, 2016

ALNpet system for dogs on

Health tech is going to the dogs. Literally.

Gone are the days when health data was available to humans only. Now, thanks to ALNpet’s smart pet health management system pet parents can track, access, and analyze important data about their pet’s daily activity levels and feeding habits.

The system, for which ALNpet is currently an Indiegogo campaign, includes a smart collar, smart feeder, smart app and big data system.
The smart collar monitors an animal’s physical behavior 24/7 and transmits this data to the big data system. 

The big data system then converts the information it has received from the collar into a feeding plan, which is then relayed to the smart feeder. 

The smart feeder, which provides a pet with its food servings each day, also collects data about the animal’s eating habits, adjusting feeding plans accordingly and offering suggestions (through the smart app) to the pet parent.

A complete overview of the ALNpet system is available at

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