Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Grommet launches two new pet products

The Grommet, www.thegrommet.com, is launching two new products on Thu., Feb. 18.

Feline Yogi's cat yoga mats are a designated spot for cats to stretch and play. They can dig their nails in and knead their little hearts out, without disrupting your flow—or your mat.

Maker Paige Guthrie Hodges noticed how her cat was drawn to her yoga mat’s texture, constantly getting in the way while she was trying to exercise. She figured if cats had their own mat to play on, they might leave their humans alone.

Paige cuts typical yoga mats down to a more cat-friendly size. She attaches a catnip-filled twine ball to the mat with sisal rope, increasing the incentive to curl up on that mat instead of yours. 

It will sell for $24.95.

--Here’s Chinese “food” your cat can really sink its teeth — and claws — into. Imaginatively designed to look like real Chinese takeout items, Polydactyl Catnip Cat Toys are handmade with durable eco-felt that can stand up to a cat’s play and stuffed with 100% organic, U.S.-grown catnip.

Maker Randi Warhol wanted unique toys for her unique polydactyl — multi-toed — cat. Not happy with the thin fabric toys sold in stores, Randi put her costume design skills to work. She designed her own line to look like actual sauce packets and fortune cookies, complete with a “squirt” of sauce and cat-specific fortunes. She even packaged the cookies in an actual takeout box.

The toy sets will sell for $18.

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