Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Ramapo Bergen Animal Shelter helps rescues 13 animals from deplorable conditions in North Bergen

Ramapo Bergen Animal Refuge, Inc. recently rescued seven adult dogs, three puppies, one cat and two kittens from horrid conditions in a North Bergen home.

RBARI was called into action last Wednesday, to respond to a terrible hoarding situation in North Bergen. Over 50 dogs and cats were in desperate need of immediate rescue. The shelter staff was met by the cries of the many dogs and puppies inside, as well as the cats, which were trapped on the roof in the bitter cold.

RBARI worked side by side with authorities and other rescues for hours to carry dogs to the safety of transport vehicles, as they were too terrified to walk, having never been on a leash or even outdoors before.
The public can monitor the progress of these animals on RBARI’s Facebook page at

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