Saturday, January 23, 2016 launches to adopters launched on Jan. 13.
It is a website designed to match adopters with the perfect pet waiting in a shelter or rescue either nearby or throughout the U.S.

“Think of us as the eHarmony for pets” says founder/CEO, Ryan Vayo. “With nearly 1,000 shelters/rescues in the Northeast and over 6000 nationwide already pre-approved, we’re encouraging local organizations to log-in and start posting animals. We’ll find them the Pur-fect Fur-ever home.” 

MyPetHarmony plans to reach millions of households in the coming months and will provide an invaluable service to the shelter/rescue community.

The science behind MyPetHarmonycom is matching system ensures that both the adopter and the pet are the right match for one another, limiting the return rate for animals in shelters and creating a better chance for happy, responsible pet-parent relationships.

The site currently has content relationships with The Humane Society of the United States, Nationwide Insurance and the ASPCA along with several other local and regional organizations. 

If you are an adopter looking for the perfect match or a pet parent in search of resources, go to

If you are an adoption organization looking to post your adoptable animals, go to either or

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