Sunday, August 30, 2015

Carli Davidson’s “Shake Cats” coming in November

Carli Davidson, the photographer behind the bestselling “Shake” and “Shake Puppies,” is coming back!

This time she is turning her lens on frisky felines with “Shake Cats” (Harper Design; Nov. 2015).

Featuring more than 130 pictures of cats, all ages, shapes and sizes, shaking what their mama’s gave them, this book is the answer to a call from cat lovers for the shake treatment.

In addition to the mages, “Shake Cats” features an introduction by the author documenting her history with rescue cats, including her current rescue, Yushi; a roster of models; images of Davidson taking pictures of the cats in her studio; and never before revealed insight into the process of getting the cats to shake. 

This could be the perfect gift for animal lover of any age and is sure to be the cat’s pajama’s this holiday season. 

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