Saturday, August 22, 2015

Animals take a walk on the wild side in Discovery Family Channel series “Beasts Behaving Badly”

Discovery Family Channel announced Beasts Behaving Badly,” an original series from Barcroft Productions featuring unfiltered real-life moments of mischief from adorable animals.

Each 30-minute episode showcases silly and shocking user-generated content, woven with commentary from comedians offering their own side-stitching insight about these little rascals. The series will debut this Fall, only on Discovery Family Channel.

Beasts Behaving Badlyis about animals acting up and wreaking havoc for humans around them. 

With brazen beasts moonlighting as naughty trespassers and causing noisy nuisances, the series will premiere 8 p.m. Thu., Oct. 1. From a bear who takes a dip in the neighborhood swimming pool to a raccoon who invites himself into the kitchen, there is no shortage of mirthful misconduct in this series debut.

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