Thursday, August 27, 2015

Amazon shout out caused “Barking Mad Surge” for Pet Tech start-up

Pet’s always break the internet but yesterday during National Dog Day their appeal on social media nearly broke pet company Petzila makers of the Petzi Treat Cam. The company was taken aback when Amazon marked the occasion by featuring them on their Facebook Home Page causing inbound inquiries to increase by over 1500%.

In five short hours, the Petzila Facebook Page had seen 57k views, 2,117 Likes, 1,818 shares proving the power of social media.

The shout out from Amazon came without warning catching the company by surprised. Many of the staff had already left for the day and had to return to the office to cope with demand and extra staff were called in to answer IM’s, texts and phones that were ringing off the hook.

This was compounded when Amazon featured the Petzi Treat Cam as one of the hero products and #1 New Release on its newly unveiled Amazon Launchpad store.

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