Thursday, July 23, 2015

This National Hot Dog Day, 3MillionDogs wants to put an end to dogs in hot cars with the #NoHotDogs campaign.

For National Hot Dog Day, 3MillionDogs wants to raise awareness about the dangers of leaving dogs in hot cars. Sure, hot dogs are tasty, and yes, they are even tastier when loaded up with ketchup and mustard, but dogs in hot cars are far from appealing.

On a 78 degree day, the temperature inside a parked car can soar between 100 and 120 degrees in just minutes, and on a 90 degree day, the interior temperature can reach as high as 160 degrees in 10 minutes. Animals can sustain brain damage or even die from heatstroke in just 15 minutes.
According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, leaving windows slightly open does not significantly decrease the rising heat rate, since heat inside a car can rise very quickly.

Beating the heat is extra tough for dogs because they can only cool themselves by panting and sweating through their paw pads.3

Thousands of dogs die in overheated cars every year. 3MillionDogs wants the #NoHotDogs campaign to raise awareness about this scary habit and bring a stop to it once and for all. With bumper stickers that dog lovers can stick on their cars and a video PSA, 3MillionDogs wants the #NoHotDogs campaign to go viral. A portion of the proceeds from the bumper stickers will go to deserving shelters.

About 3MillionDogs:Headquartered in Toronto, with offices in New York and San Francisco, and its companion Facebook app is where dogs and their owners find community, share stories and, via GoodDogDeals, shop.

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