Thursday, July 9, 2015

"The Shocking Truth About Dogs" on DreamWorksTV's "Science Mysteries Revealed"

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but in a new series on DreamWorksTV, "Science Mysteries Revealed,” curiosity explains why your dog eats poop.

Life is full of mysteries, like why do dogs sniff butts, is there poop in drinking water and why don't we fall off the face of the earth? New DreamWorksTV host Veronica, uncovers what's truly hiding in the dark corners of earth and beyond.

In the first episode, “The Shocking Truth About Dogs,” the focus is on man’s best friend and the enigmas that surround Fido’s strange behaviors: why do dogs sniff butts, eat poop and spin around before bed? Are these normal evolutionary traits, or one giant dog-plot to take over the world?! 

Check out the new series here
and tune in to subsequent episodes to learn the skin-crawling secrets of poop water as well as the horrifying truth about gravity.

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