Tuesday, June 23, 2015

‘Take Your Dog to Work Day’ on Fri., June 26

Are you planning on taking your dog to work on Fri., June 26?

If so, the American Kennel Club has some helpful tips on how to make your canine coworker’s day at the office a good one. 

--Scope out the scene. Before you bring your dog to the office, take a look around and pet-proof your personal workspace. Keep all cabinets and trash cans secure. Remove anything smaller than a tennis ball or items those with sharp edges that are within your dog’s reach and could be of risk. Cover exposed electrical cords or outlets to prevent your dog from chewing them and getting hurt.

--Ask the important questions. Find out if your coworkers are allergic to, or afraid of dogs. In addition to your dog being comfortable, you want to make sure those around her are comfortable too.

--Be on your best behavior. Your dog should be well-trained and housebroken before being brought to the office. Make sure she is socialized and reliable around strangers. If your dog is unnerved by changes in environment or social situations, the attention and strange noises associated with an office may cause your dog undue stress.

--Health is wealth. If you would stay home from work because of a malady, so should your dog. Leave your dog at home if she is suffering from a contagious illness. It is also very important to make sure all of her vaccinations are up to date.

--Dress to impress. Make sure your dog is clean and well-groomed before you take her to work. A dirty dog might cause complaints from co-workers.

--Be Prepared. Bring the necessities with you, including a water bowl, a few quiet chew toys, treats, clean up bags for any messes, and a leash.

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