Monday, June 22, 2015

Movie star “Max,” the Belgian Malinois, may not be for everyone

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On Fri., June 26, Warner Bros./Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures will release “Max,” a coming of age story based on true events about a young teen dealing with the loss of his brother, a United States Marine killed in action on the front lines of the war in Afghanistan. 

Surviving the attack that killed his handler and now retired is Max, a heroic Belgian Malinois and military dog who served his country alongside the soldier. Max is taken in by the teen’s family who are faced with the difficulty of helping the traumatized dog.

In an effort to protect the name of the Belgian Malinois breed, “Bark Busters,” an in-home dog training company, wants to highlight the type of care and training this breed requires.

As described by the Westminster Kennel Club, the Belgian Malinois is “…legendary for its stamina and work ethic, allowing it to excel at whatever job it is given, whether herding, police and detection work, search and rescue, or competition in performance events. But, the Malinois is NOT for everyone.” 

Co-founder Danny Wilson adds that, “Without an owner’s commitment to provide the dog with the exercise, mental stimulation and Leadership a Belgian Malinois requires these dogs could suffer the same fate as other breeds highlighted in previous Hollywood blockbusters - homeless in shelters and at rescues - or worse.”

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