Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tune In: Season 2 of Fifi Cat Therapist on DreamWorksTV

Is catnip losing its appeal? 

Are you dealing with owner-anxiety? 

Well, fear not! Fifi, cat therapist extraordinaire, is back with cat-titude and fluffier than ever in the new second season of Fifi Cat Therapist only on DreamWorksTV.

Fifi’s therapy sessions are booming, when her owner leaves the house she’s so busy. From local zoo animals to the neighborhood pets, this feline has the purr-fect solution for her sometimes scaly often furry four-legged patients. Whether she’s giving advice to an oversized dog that thinks he’s still a lap puppy or an awkward teen giraffe who’s going through identity issues and seriously crushing on a zebra, Fifi’s quick wit and sass helps them all, one tail at a time.

For more DreamWorksTV, visit www.YouTube.com/DreamWorksTV.

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