Saturday, May 30, 2015

Solvit’s CareLift lifting harnesses, now made in small size

Old age and injuries can make life difficult for both dogs and their owners. 

For dogs, a once simple task such as standing and walking, can be difficult if not impossible, and how to aid these dogs can be a demanding and awkward proposition for both animal and owner. Solvit’s CareLift lifting harnesses, now made in small size, provide a simple, safe and easy way to help provide these dogs with the mobility that is important for the well-being of both the pet and owner.

The new small size CareLift for dogs weighing 7-35 lbs. consists of front and rear sections that can be used either separately or together based upon an individual dog’s needs. Unlike other harnesses that lift only from the joints or the abdomen, the CareLift’s rear section is designed to lift evenly from both the hips and the waist reducing stress and making the dog more comfortable. 

For dogs with especially challenging mobility issues, the CareLift front and rear sections can be used in tandem, allowing the pet to be gently lifted, even completely off the ground when necessary. The front and rear sections can also be comfortably worn full-time, making life easier for both pets and owners.

The CareLift is also available in a medium size for dogs weighing 35-70 lbs. and a large size for dogs weighing 70-130 lbs.

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