Thursday, May 28, 2015

Join the Kickstarter campaign for iPetCompanion and HomePlay’s remotely operated toys

What if pet owners could check in on their pets, know they are safe, and even play with them remotely from work, while traveling or from any location with an Internet connection?

iPetCompanion, a web-based remote pet play system available since 2010 only to humane societies and animal shelters by technology company Reach-In, is responding to thousands of pet parents who have asked for a home version of the system. The HomePlay system is now a project on Kickstarter, and will be funded if at least $150,000 is pledged by Mon., June 15. 

If the campaign succeeds, pet parents will be able to log on from their own personal computer to physically control the iPet camera and toys directly from the screen, just as the shelters do. Pet owners will be able to move the camera, zooming in to get a closer look at their pets, scan the room to see what their companion animals are doing, and even physically play with their pets by clicking a button and controlling remotely operated toys. Pet parents will also be able to take photos of their animals for online scrapbooking, and chat and share photos among friends, if they choose to allow page access to others.

iPetCompanion is installed at 27 humane societies in the United States.

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