Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Family pet in Montville in urgent need of a home

The Montville Animal Shelter is the current home to Tyson, a brindle pit mix.

He is very stressed in the kennel due to living his whole life with a family. His family was moving and had to relinquish him.

He is kids and adult-friendly and loves attention (don’t we all?).

Although the volunteers are doing their best, he needs out as he will be destroyed so he doesn’t suffer this anxiety too much longer. 

The power of networking may just be the key to helping Tyson into a loving home - much deserved as this boy exhibits the best of behavior, is past the pup stage yet still active. He is house broken, loves walks and always loves his human. 

Please share like crazy and if you live in Northern New Jersey. You just may be the link that saves his life. 

The shelter is at 86 River Road. 

Information: 973-334-6410 or www.gimmeshelters.org.

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  1. Thank you Ray (who doubles as a pooper scooper). Your heart is big and hopefully Tyson will be saved by a family that needs him and vice VERSA!