Saturday, May 2, 2015

Critters have their say on CRN’s “Critter Radio” beginning May 3

Licensed wild life rehabilitation expert Tina Marie - whose rescue and rehabilitation of a puppy gained worldwide attention and is the subject of a recent book – will launch the national program “Critter Radio” on CRN Digital Talk Radio on Sun., May 3.

The pet-oriented talk show will air weekly at 3 p.m. on the network’s CRN 1 channel.
Marie rescued a west highland terrier mix puppy from a Camarillo, Calif. animal shelter on January 2014. The dog - dubbed “Josh” was only 48 hours old and dropped off at a shelter because he possessed a cleft palate. Hours before Josh was to be euthanized, Marie saved the dog - and has since helped rehabilitate the pup.

Josh has become somewhat of a cult hero. Marie and Josh appeared as a “Modern Dog” cover story - and Josh’s own Facebook page has over 55,000 likes. Their story is detailed in Neal Wooten’s new book “I’m Not Defective: The Story of Josh” [Mirror Publishing, $8.99].

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