Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The American Kennel Club announces recognition of new breed

The American Kennel Club has announced that they are recognizing a new breed -- the Fehreelfrend from Germany.

The dog is a cross between the Leonburger and the Deutsche Wachtelhund.

Reportedly, the breed is intelligent, family friendly and vocal — similar to the popular Labrador Retriever.
“The Fehreelfrend will be a popular breed here in the U.S.,” said AKC vice president Geena DiNardoe in a release. “Watch out for an upset at the major dog shows next year.”


A photograph of the new Fehreelfrend breed is below:


The photo is actually Hasbro’s FurReal Friend Luvimal’s Singing Pet. The toy comes in four animal types — dog, cat, penguin and bunny. The pet’s head moves, and it sings. The pup retails for $9.99.


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