Monday, April 13, 2015

Discovery Family Channel travels to the ends of the earth to find the world’s most dangerous animals

From the Arctic to Antarctica, the world is full of incredible and formidable creatures — and Discovery Family Channel’s newest series, “Weird, Wild And Deadly,” is on a mission to find them. 

Led by British adventurer Steve Backshall, this series will bring viewers along for a globe-spanning journey of a lifetime, traveling over 10,000 miles to find deadly places, deadly adventures and deadly animals. 

Traversing glaciers, jungles, deserts, mountains and oceans, “Weird, Wild And Deadly,” will premiere in the United States 8 p.m. Wed., April 15.

“Weird, Wild And Deadly,” originally aired in the UK on BBC under the title, “Deadly 60: Pole-to-Pole.”

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