Thursday, March 26, 2015

Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge receives two new wildlife ambassadors

Cedar Run’s newest education ambassadors, Olive and Mika.

Olive, the opossum, arrived to Cedar Run in Dec 2014 from a rehabilitation center in Locust Valley, N.Y. Born into a litter of ten, Olive was deemed unreleasable due to her small size. As a friendly and calm opossum, Cedar Run’s education team is now preparing Olive to become a featured wildlife ambassador in their various on and off-site education programs.

Mika the raccoon is also being groomed as a wildlife ambassador. Mika (pronounced with a long “i”), is Native American for “wise or knowing raccoon,” and arrived to Cedar Run in Jan. 2015. He had been found lingering around a warehouse in central Jersey for about a week in mid-November. After a month of rehabilitation, the staff at Mercer County Wildlife deemed Mika unreleasable due to habituated demeanor. 

Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge sits on 171 wooded acres on the edge of the New Jersey Pinelands.

Cedar Run includes the Woodford Nature Center, an outdoor housing area with more than 60 native residents, and a wildlife rehabilitation hospital. The overall mission of Cedar Run is to serve as a community resource on the importance of protecting and enhancing healthy ecosystems for all. 

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