Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Bark salutes best places to work 2015 — leading dog-friendly companies honored

In some workplaces, lucky employees are offered a range of benefits — juice bars, daycare, climbing gyms — but, for The Bark magazine staff, those that top the charts open their doors and cubes to dogs.

And for those firms who submitted entries to the publication’s second annual Bark’s Best Place to Work” contest, it’s also a matter of pride. Across the country, companies large and small are proudly flying the dog flag, and that’s a good thing.

The winners were chosen by a panel of judges based on a canine-friendly workspace, dog-driven work policies, and dedication to humane causes.

The winners are: 

--Trupanion, Seattle, Wash. / 400 employees, 227 cats and dogs: The a pet insurance company provides its employees with a bunch of pet-related benefits, including a free pet insurance policy with an enhancement that covers alternative therapies, a dog-walking service, baby gates and tethers at every cubicle, and a dedicated Pet Team made up of employees with veterinary, training and behavior expertise who provide guidance and review pet incidents. 

--Etsy, Brooklyn, N.Y. / 600 employees, 50 dogs: Etsy’s dog-friendly policy, which has been in place from the e-commerce site’s beginning in 2005, allows employees’ dogs to wander at will through the company’s headquarters in Brooklyn’s Dumbo neighborhood. 

--Archer>malmo, Memphis, Tenn. / 160 employees, 25 dogs: The advertising/marketing agency has been welcoming dogs to the office for the last 15 of its 60-plus years. This Memphis firm’s open (dog) door policy began in the late 1990s as part of “Bring Your Dog to Work” day; before long, dogs at work were the rule rather than the exception.

Dogs in the workplace mean reduced employee stress, increased employee satisfaction and a positive work environment. Not to mention an option to lighten up with a little puppy love when things get harried.

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