Saturday, March 7, 2015

Petition asks Craigslist to institute pet safety guidelines

A "Care2” petition is asking Craigslist to do more to ensure pets are kept safe when being traded or sold on the site by posting pet re-homing best practices to everyone advertising an animal. The Care2 petition hasover 80,000 signatures.  

Cheri Teeter says she started her Care2 petition because she has “read too many stories of Craigslist pets being used for dog fighting, puppy mills, sold to research labs, [or being] stolen and resold on the site. Some people are simply not aware of the potential harm that they may send their pet into, and don’t know the best way to keep them safe.”

Teeter doesn’t want to ban animals from the site, but she believes Craigslist can take simple steps in the interest of animal welfare.

She points to animal re-homing practices recommended by the Humane Society and Aid Animals, and hopes Craigslist will partner with an animal advocacy organization to ensure everyone posting an animal must view this type of information.

View the petition here:

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