Saturday, March 21, 2015

Hedz UP Pets launches kickstarter campaign to fund Watercollar

It is estimated that thousands of dogs accidentally drown each year. The exact number is unknown because many of these drownings go unreported. But the fact is water can be a real danger to dogs. 

The Hedz UP Watercollar was invented to help prevent these deaths. Designed to be both a swim aid and life preserver, the Watercollar will keep a dog’s nose and ears above water even if the dog is unconscious.

“A dog who has fallen into the water can only keep swimming for maybe 20 minutes, and even less if he panics,” says Lynne Peters, president of Hedz UP Pets in a statement. “If there is no one around to help save these dogs the consequences can be heartbreaking.”

Unlike dog life jackets that hold dogs in a swimming position, the hexagonal-shaped Watercollar hangs comfortably on his own collar and helps prevent drowning by keeping a dog’s nose above water. The Watercollar hangs loosely away from the neck for long wearing comfort and ease of movement when not in the water. When a dog swims or falls in the water the straps position the Watercollar under the dogs chin allowing for easy treading and ensuring a panic-free swim to safety.

The hexagonal-shaped Watercollar was designed using the same standards as the human flotation requirements established by the U.S. Coast Guard. This personal floatation device for dogs is filled with non-absorbent closed-cell foam with a 100% cotton cover and nylon straps that attach securely to a dogs collar. It is avaiable in sizes from small to extra large.

For more information about the Watercollar, go to

To contribute to the Kickstarter campaign please go to and visit the facebook page at Hedz Up Pets Water Collars.

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