Friday, February 13, 2015

Harbor seals return to WCS’s Central Park Zoo

 Photo by Julie Larsen Maher.

Two young harbor seals (Phoca vitulina) have made their public debut at WCS’s Central Park Zoo. It is the first time since 2011 that the species has been exhibited at the zoo.
The two male seals, Adam and Anson, were born at WCS’s New York Aquarium. They are still juveniles (7 and 19 months) and not yet fully grown. As adults they could reach up to 250 pounds each. They are the first harbor seals born at the aquarium in more than 15 years.

The two seals at Central Park Zoo are in the pool adjacent to the Polar Circle penguin and puffin exhibits. 

The harbor seals are immediately distinguishable from their cousins in the sea lion pool. Both seals and sea lions are members of the pinniped family, but they look and move differently.


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